According to the conducted research, after 3 weeks of using the toothbrush there are many millions of bacteria on it, which corresponds e.g., to the amount found on more than 29 coins, or exceeds their number on the toilet many times. That is why, according to researchers, a toothbrush often introduces bacteria into the mouth, instead of being used mainly for its cleansing. According to medical research, bacteria and viruses are powerful enemies of the human immune system.

Our smartphones are used in many different environments everyday and they become the basis for living for tremendous amount of bacteria and viruses. Laboratory experiments have shown that amount of bacteria existing on the smartphone is 18 times greater than the amount of bacteria existing on the toilet flush button!

Ozone does not damage the disinfected surfaces, oxidizes and is environmentally safe.

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Sterilizer BENTIAL S-004W

Ozonator BENTIAL

Sterilizer BENTIAL UVC LED SY04-01


Sterilizer BENTIAL LP-UN-313

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