• Toothbrush disinfection using UVC radiation and ozone UVC i Ozon.
  • Holder for 4 traditional, sonic brushes or other items 4 szczoteczki tradycyjne, soniczne lub inne przedmioty
  • Intelligent activation system uruchomienia pracy
  • Integrated 1500mA battery
  • Can be permanently mounted on the bathroom wall
  • Integrated 1500mA battery
  • Quick sterilization time: 6 min
  • Modern design and compact size 20x7,5x4 cm

Modern toothbrush holder with integrated battery powered sterilizer.

Toothbrush holder with UV sterilizer and ozone function UV BENTIAL XS-011 uses the latest technological solutions for disinfection. The dual-range UVC lamp used for disinfection of microorganisms on toothbrushes penetrates through the cell wall of the coating of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, etc. and damages their DNA or ENA binding, destroys their ability to replicate nucleic acid or protein structures, thus achieving excellent sterilization effectiveness over 99%.

The toothbrush holder has integrated battery, the power cord is only needed when charging.

The UV ultraviolet vacuum lamp used in the UV BENTIAL device has also the ability to generate ozone, which cleans the air and additionally ensures the highest degree of sterilization.

Elegant and modern design will be perfect for every bathroom. Toothbrush holder with BENTIAL UV XS-011 sterilizer has an integrated battery and it does not have to be permanently connected to the power supply.

Urządzenia BENTIAL dbają o bezpieczeństwo Twoje i Twoich bliskich zarówno kiedy jesteś w domu, w podróży, czy w pracy.

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