Sterilizer BENTIAL UVC LED SY04-01

  • Toothbrush disinfection using UVC radiation
  • Possibility to disinfect traditional and sonic brushe
  • Quick sterilization time: 3min
  • Can be permanently mounted on a mirror or bathroom wall or used independently while traveling
  • It is possible to remove and clean the brush sterilization case
  • LED informing about operation or discharging of the device
  • Power supply 2 x AAA battery

A mobile, highly efficient sterilizer and a toothbrush holder.

Only 3 minutes of operation per day will bring a feeling of comfort when using a new toothbrush! The BENTIAL UVC LED sterilizer SY04-01 is convenient to use, safe, environmentally friendly and extremely effective thanks to the latest generation of pure ultraviolet light source (CLED).

According to medical research, bacteria and viruses are powerful enemies of the human immune system.

Thanks to the latest solutions (DUV-280nmLED high chip), the BETNIAL UVC-LED SY04-01 mobile sterilization device for disinfecting toothbrushes, penetrates the cell wall of coating of viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores etc. damaging their DNA or ENA binding, destroys their ability to replicate nucleic acid or protein structures, thus achieving excellent sterilization with an efficiency of over 99%.

Urządzenia BENTIAL dbają o bezpieczeństwo Twoje i Twoich bliskich zarówno kiedy jesteś w domu, w podróży, czy w pracy.

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