Sterilizer BENTIAL S-004W

  • Disinfection of smartphone or other accessories using UVC radiation and ozone
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Intelligent, one-button control system
  • Power cord included
  • Compatibility with phones up to 7,5 '' (dimensions of disinfecting case:180x100x20mm)
  • Voice announcements
  • Available colors: white, red-black

Highly effective sterilizer combined with intelligent wireless charging.

The sterilizer works quickly, quietly and is user friendly. Within 15 minute cycle it runs precise disinfection process using UVC radiation and ozone.

Apart of smartphone you can sterilize also all small items and accessories e.g.: watches, earphones, keys, jewelry, earrings, glasses, cosmetic accessories like nail clippers, brushes, protective masks, gloves etc.

Urządzenia BENTIAL dbają o bezpieczeństwo Twoje i Twoich bliskich zarówno kiedy jesteś w domu, w podróży, czy w pracy.

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