Private policy

  1. This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") applies to individuals visiting, contacting support using the form available at and, as well as by email or telephone, participating in contests and those whose data we process under agreements, commitments or consents to the electronic transmission of commercial information and who are over 16 years of age (the "Users").

  2. Before using any of the services described in the previous sentence (hereinafter the Services), each User is required to read the Policy.

  3. The administrator of personal data is Greengage Sp. z o.o., Brzeziny 20, 03-256 Warsaw, Poland (hereinafter referred to as GREENGAGE/Administrator).

  4. The Administrator does not provide for the processing of personal data of children under 16 years of age. The Services provided by GREENGAGE may be used only by persons who are over 16 years old.

  5. In matters relating to the Policy and the protection of personal data, you can contact the Administrator using:

    • e-mail:

    • about the traditional mail, to the address: Greengage Sp. z o.o., 20 Brzeziny Street, 03-256 Warsaw, Poland, with an annotation "Personal Data Protection".

  1. GREENGAGE processes Users' personal data in connection with their use of the Services provided electronically, depending on the type of Service.

    • Website;, : As part of the maintenance of the website, GREENGAGE may collect data of Users visiting the site (using "cookies" and JavaScript), such as IP address, information about the Internet Service Provider, User's operating system, browser used, screen resolution, device model and other data concerning the software and hardware used by the User. The data is subject to profiling, however, it does not affect the User's use of this service and does not bear any consequences for the User. The data collected by GREENGAGE is processed exclusively for statistical purposes.

    • Transfer of commercial information: Based on the separate consent of the User, GREENGAGE may process personal data in order to provide commercial information electronically. The User may revoke his consent at any time in the manner specified in the correspondence or by contacting the Administrator.

    • Contests: Occasionally, GREENGAGE may organize contests in which personal data voluntarily provided by participants may be processed. These data will only be processed for the purposes of carrying out the contest, as defined in the contest rules (e.g. to draw winners or inform about the winners) for the period necessary to carry out the contest, unless the contest participant agrees separately to the processing of the data for other purposes, including marketing purposes.

    • Technical support form: As part of the technical support, GREENGAGE collects personal data provided by Users through the contact form available at (and The data is processed in order to send an acknowledgement of receipt to the e-mail address provided by you and to send a response to the e-mail address provided by the support team, to assist in the use of Bential products offered by Greengage, to monitor your visit to the website and to collect statistics on your visit. You provide your information voluntarily, but some personal information (your name, email address, contact phone number) is necessary because it is needed to provide technical support. Failure to do so or providing false data will make it impossible to handle the request. Some data (regarding your software and hardware) is collected automatically and may be subject to profiling, but this is not relevant to the request and its handling. It also does not cause any consequences for the User. The data subject to profiling is used only for statistical purposes.

    • Processing under contract or obligation: If a contract or obligation exists between GREENGAGE and the User or the entity in which the User is employed, under which GREENGAGE processes the data of a person, GREENGAGE processes the data until the fulfilment of its obligations towards the other party, unless the processing of the data, including its storage, is required by law for longer than the period of cooperation of both parties.

  1. Some information may be transferred to third parties, providing services to the Administrator in the scope of maintenance of IT infrastructure and systems, hosting, website traffic monitoring, if it is necessary to fulfil obligations towards the User. The transfer of data takes place under data processing entrustment agreements signed with these entities.

  2. GREENGAGE entrusts the processing of data to third parties while maintaining the principles of security, confidentiality and minimization.

    1. Any person whose data is processed by GREENGAGE has the right to access, rectify, delete ("right to be forgotten") or restrict the processing and to object to the processing of data.

    2. Furthermore, GREENGAGE may transmit the data to the entity designated by the data subject upon request.

    3. Any person whose data are processed by GREENGAGE has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

    4. If the User has consented to receive commercial information by electronic means, he has the right to withdraw his consent without affecting the processing which has already taken place and without affecting other services and obligations provided by GREENGAGE.

  1. The GREENGAGE websites and services use cookies and other tools such as Local Storage and Session Storage to identify the returning visitor, send an inquiry and speed up the operation of the sites. They are stored on the User's device while browsing the pages belonging to GREENGAGE.

  2. Information can be saved both by the Administrator (first-party cookies), as well as by third parties, providing services to the Administrator (third-party cookies).

  3. The "cookies" files and other tools are used to enable the sending of inquiries, maintenance of sessions and monitoring of visits to websites.

  4. The User may at any time disable cookies in his browser. Turning them off may make it difficult or impossible for the Administrator to achieve the objectives of data processing, and thus may prevent the performance of services or obligations to the User.

  1. The Administrator shall make every effort and use the necessary technical means to process Users' data in a way that ensures the security and confidentiality of information.

  2. Any breach of security rules related to the processing of personal data should be immediately reported to the Administrator.



Date of update: 25.05.2020

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