Ozonator BENTIAL

  • Ozone disinfection (eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi or mites)
  • Product is mobile, rechargeable battery included
  • Intelligent ozone dispersion system
  • A device can be used for disinfection of many different items, elimination of unpleasant odors or chemical compounds
  • Perfect for use at home, office, car or while travelling

A modern, efficient ozonator for disinfection of rooms, cars interiors, wardrobes etc. Eliminates unpleasant odors with clothes, shoes or refrigerators and keeping them fresh and clean.

Special ventilator used in the construction of the device disperses ozone throughout the entire sterilization space. This technology penetrates the space in the direction of 360 degrees, bringing full sterilization.

Urządzenia BENTIAL dbają o bezpieczeństwo Twoje i Twoich bliskich zarówno kiedy jesteś w domu, w podróży, czy w pracy.

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