About company

  • Safety, health and sterile environment for users of our products are crucial for us.
  • BENTIAL devices cares for your and your family safety, when you are at home, at work or travelling.
  • BENTIAL means the devices which bring into your life a new, higher level of quality.

Technology and quality

By applying the latest solutions and innovation in disinfection we give you products that eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi or mites as well as unpleasant odours.
Our sterilizing and ozonizing devices allow to clean user’s environment and improve quality of life in various aspects. BENTIAL products are associated with useful technology and modern design.

Effectiveness and safety

The effectiveness of BENTIAL devices is confirmed by numerous studies Their production is guided by the principle of sustainable development. Keeping in mind the future generations BENTIAL, since the beginning of research and product development, uses environmentally safety materials. Implementing effective production processes we create products that improve our living environment. BENTIAL products also meet all required standards.

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